[aprssig] BL1730

Jim Duncan jdbandman at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 22 12:46:34 EDT 2008

I just spoke with Wayne, WA5LUY, by telephone. He is in Hot Springs and 
runs several digipeaters in the area of Arkansas in question.

They are VERY much aware of the guy. He is most definitely a boot-legger 
  however they only have one person who has just come on air in Ft. 
Smith. They have been trying to track him down for quite some time. 
Unfortunately they simply don't have enough people in the area to track 
this guy down.

I have also forwarded several of these tracking reports to Riley 
Hollingsworth at FCC.

I am NOT suggesting a vigilante group, but identifying the vehicle in 
question and providing a license plate number, address information, etc. 
to Riley would allow FCC to take further action. Do NOT approach the guy 
directly. This would be an ideal opportunity to practice stealth mode in 
order to keep the guy on the air so that FCC monitoring people can 
actually catch him transmitting and then make contact with him.

In other words, let FCC handle it! Or mission should be ONLY the 
gathering of relevant data and providing that to FCC.

Stealth mode: travel in a vehicle without callsign plates, external 
antennas, etc. Use an HT or an interior antenna. It should be simple 
enough to follow the posit reports and then identify the vehicle/person 
involved at which time you should back off. Photos may also be helpful 
if you can identify the vehicle and occupant. Also be sure that you have 
an active capture file running so that data may also be used as 
evidence. VERY IMPORTANT: Turn off your own beaconing! If this guy is 
running a tracker it is because he is WATCHING it. You can bet that if 
he suddenly sees a bunch of new on-air activity or plots that he'll QRT 
and all this work will be for nothing.

73 de Jim, KU0G

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