[aprssig] BL1730

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Tue Apr 22 11:36:01 EDT 2008

I agree, the "TO" call appears to be almost identical::

Last raw packets on Findu,
N4243B>APT312,HOTSPR,WIDE2*,qAo,WA5LUY:>MT8000FA v1.0
N4243B>APT312,HOTSPR,WIDE2*,qAo,WA5LUY:>MT8000FA v1.0
N4243B>APT312,MTMAG*,WIDE2-1,qAo,WA5LUY:>MT8000FA v1.0

Maybe this is the time the operator switched over to BL1730 from a 
"traceable" callsign of his airplane number???

First raw packets on Findu,
BL1730>APT312,HOTSPR,WIDE2*,qAo,WA5LUY:>MT8000FA v1.0
BL1730>S5QX2V-2,HOTSPR,WIDE2*,qAo,WA5LUY:`z5-l#<k/"5I}IN ROUTE
BL1730>S5QX2V-2,MTMAG*,WIDE2-1,qAo,WA5LUY:`z5-l!Qk/"5I}IN ROUTE
BL1730>S5QX2V-2,MTMAG*,WIDE2-1,qAo,WA5LUY:`z5-l 'k/"5J}IN ROUTE
BL1730>S5QX2V-2,HOTSPR,WIDE2*,qAo,WA5LUY:`z5-l gk/"5K}IN ROUTE
BL1730>S5QX2V-2,MTMAG*,WIDE2-1,qAo,WA5LUY:`z5-l Lk/"5L}IN ROUTE
BL1730>S5QX2V-2,HOTSPR,WIDE2*,qAo,WA5LUY:`z5-l#Ok/"5M}IN ROUTE
BL1730>APT312,HOTSPR,WIDE2*,qAo,WA5LUY:>MT8000FA v1.0
BL1730>S5QV5X-2,MTMAG*,WIDE2-1,qAo,WA5LUY:`z31l Bk/"5{}IN ROUTE
BL1730>APT312,LTROCK,WIDE2*,qAo,WW5AA:>MT8000FA v1.0
BL1730>S5QV6P-2,MTMAG*,WIDE2-1,qAo,WA5LUY:`z31m,]k/"5y}IN ROUTE
BL1730>S5QV5W-2,MTMAG*,WIDE2-1,qAo,WA5LUY:`z3FoTWk/"6#}IN ROUTE


Ron Tonneson wrote:
> I wonder if it is just one station?  It looks like N4243B was last heard 
> 04-21 22:47:33z and BL1730 first heard five minutes 26 seconds later at 
> 04-21 22:52:59.
> Ron - K0QVF
> Earl Needham wrote:
>> At 02:38 AM 4/22/2008, Damon Massey wrote:
>>> A quick look at <http://aprs.fi>aprs.fi shows both of them going back 
>>> to the same address on what looks to be the 1400 block on Harvard 
>>> Ave. in Fort Smith, AR.  The N4243B has been broadcasting since Dec 
>>> 18th, 2007, and the BL1730 tag just showed up two days ago.  
>>> According to my last download of the callsign database from last 
>>> month, I cannot find anyone registered current or expired on this 
>>> exact street in Fort Smith.
>>         I see both BL1730 and N4243B going to the intersection of 
>> Harvard and Meadow.  My Precision Mapping says that's the 8500 block 
>> of Harvard.  There's at least one ham in that block.
>>         7 3
>>         Earl
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