[aprssig] APRS and the OLPC

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Apr 18 20:35:59 EDT 2008

Has anyone measured the processing power required by Soundmodem?  It's 
been ages since I looked at the code... I don't think it was too bad for 
any modern machine with an FPU, but I don't really remember the 
implementation well.  Following it was a little difficult with an almost 
complete lack of comments.

I suppose I could always port my OT1+ demodulator code to Linux - it 
runs on a 7.3 MHz 8-bit MCU, and you'd never notice the load on even a 
modest 32-bit CPU.  I doubt it'd be necessary, though.


Paul Kronenwetter wrote:
> All,
>  I've updated the laptop.org Wiki page with locations to download the 
> packages I'm using on the XO.  I had a bit of a delay because I tried to 
> update to one of the Joyride builds and it toasted the data on my SD 
> card.  I lost all my work.  So, with that out of the way, here are the 
> links:
> http://n2kiq.dyndns.org.nyud.net/xoaprs/
> http://n2kiq.dyndns.org/xoaprs/
> If you can, please use the Coral network to get a faster download speed.
> I'm also looking for help getting Thomas Saylor's soundmodem package to 
> work with Alsa and a 2.6 kernel.  It builds and runs fine until it goes 
> to actually do something with the sound card.  This problem isn't 
> specific to the XO, it's just keeping me from using it and another 
> system the way I want to.
> Thanks all & 73!
> -Paul
> Paul Kronenwetter wrote:
>> All,
>> I've started a page on the laptop.org WIKI,  currently at:
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Kronenpj to document what I've been
>> doing.  Once I get it a bit further along, I'll see if the OLPC folks
>> want amateur-radio stuff in their wiki or somewhere else.  In the
>> meantime, anyone with comments or suggestions, please use the discussion
>> tab and we'll work through things.
>> -Paul
>> Paul Kronenwetter wrote:
>>> Bob Bruninga wrote:
>>>>> I think the XO is a... ground breaking device.  Did I get one? No, 
>>>>> I realized that it is does not meet my needs and would end up in the
>>>>> closet or given away to a child...
>>>> ...
>>>> I can't wait for the ham software to start working with it.  Talk 
>>>> about portability...  The ease of use, will assure that I will now 
>>>> probbly have the ham radio laptop apps with me more often than 
>>>> before since I will be more apt to carry the small XO at low risk 
>>>> then lug the big laptop.
>>>> Bob, WB4APR
>>> For what it's worth, I've had good success getting Xastir working on
>>> the box.  The only part I'm having real trouble with is soundmodem keeps
>>> crashing when ever it decodes a packet.  Otherwise all is compiling 
>>> and working
>>> nicely, once the appropriate prerequisite packages are installed.
>>> -Paul

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