[aprssig] Symbol set revisions

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 17 20:32:42 EDT 2008

> What effect is this flood of proposed symbol 
> changes/re-assignments/overlays going to have 
> on the Kenwood APRS radios?  

Not much.  The D7 and D700 only show the most popular of the
existing 190 symbols and already show the actual "XX" characters
in place of the the other 184 rarely used ones.

But in the new D710, they will show the BASIC symbol and show
the overlay on ALL potential overlays.  This is possible,
because they show the overlay up and to the side of the actual
ICON.  SO you can overlay any symbol on a house for example and
they will all show as a house, but with the correct overlay...

And the D710 is not limited to the 16 basic shapes of the D7 and
D700.  It already comes with a lot more...

> I assume we can make them encode most of the new 
> symbols if you select "Other" in the symbol-select 
> dialog and then enter the letter or number 
> from an APRS symbol "cheat sheet".

Yes.  And put an overlay on any of them.


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