[aprssig] APRS Situational Awareness

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 16 00:00:14 EDT 2008

>   Here's how xastir 1.9.1 displays your objects.

Thanks!  That is almost exactly how they look on the APRSdos I
am using to send them.  The only difference is that APRSdos does
not have the oval and vertical elongation of the box since it
scales longitude with latitude so that "ranges" (circular) are
always circular everywhere.

But I wonder why Xastir made the staging1 circle a true circle,
but made the "staging3" circle an oval?  

So that everyone else can see what we are talking about, I added
your XASTIR map image of these objects to the bottom of my web


Thnks, Bob, WB4APR.

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