[aprssig] APRS Situational Awareness

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Apr 15 19:06:15 EDT 2008

Bob WB4APR wrote...

> OOPS, the ISS came over and I QSY'ed that rig to 145.825.
> Sorry.
> Its back on 144.39 now. And people sohould  be able to see
> "staging1" and "staging2" objects now.  #2 being the overlay S
> symbol, and #1 being the 3 mile circuolar area.

That would do it... unless you can get the ISS to hover in the right
location - hi!

Looking in UI-UI-View32 v 2.03 I now see staging2 just off-shore about 5
km SE from WB4APR-1. Another 5.4 km to the SE, I see staging1 (circle)
and partially hidden under it, is another object that shows as a purple
oval, but I can't see the label. Now this is a bit weird. I deleted
staging1 to see if I could see a label hidden beneath it, but couldn't
see anything there. Just for the heck of it, I deleted staging2 and the
purple oval disappeared.

To recap... I could see circle under staging1, but the purple oval
associated with staging2 was under staging2, and about 5 km from where
the label for staging1 showed on the screen.

Ah... I get it. You used position ambiguity for staging2. Looking at the
raw data, I see the position padded out with spaces inserted in the lat
/ long for staging2. If I'm correct on this, would it not be better to
enter the hundredth of a minute so the object actually showed up on the
map where the label was, at least for UI-View users - who are in the
majority? It isn't like you really want to be ambiguous about where the
staging area was actually located. It doesn't matter in this test, but
in an actual event, you could end up with someone not being to find the
actual staging area unless it was a really huge area.

2008 04 15 19 3004,WB4APR-3>APRX76,N3KTX-1*,WIDE2-1,qAo,N3GXH-14
:;staging2 *151906z3858.3 NS07626.6 W0object Example Staging area

Looking earlier at findu.com, I thought there was a "Staging2" with an
upper case S? I thought object names were case sensitive. I don't see
that one now. OK... got it from the findu.com raw data for WB4APR-3. The
most recent Staging2 (upper case S) was...

2008 04 15 1259 12,WB4APR-3>APRX76,N3KNT-1*,WIDE2-1,qAo,W2CMC
:;Staging2 *151207z3858.40NS07626.40W0object Staging object

Doesn't matter... I was just curious when I couldn't see it when I went
back later.

Hmmm... revisiting the area in UI-View, I see the symbol and label
staging2 but don't see the associated purple oval any more. Remember
that I first deleted staging1 to look under it, and then staging2 when I
finally realized that the purple oval was (at that time) associated with
staging2. As I'm typing, staging1 with the lighter pink circle just
re-appeared when you again beaconed it.

Just in case anyone is looking right now for the objects, this message 
was lurking in my drafts folder while I was finishing it off. I went 
back for a last look, and I see both objects are absent again, having 
been last heard over 3 hours ago.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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