[aprssig] NEW laptop for APRS with a Serial Port?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Apr 14 13:52:21 EDT 2008

Part of the reason for resistance is increased tech support.  USB 
introduces driver compatibility issues where RS-232 has none.  Many 
(most?) consumer electronics manufacturers avoid this by using 
off-the-shelf converter chips or IP and leaving the drivers to someone 
else (like FTDI or Prolific).

Native USB also means significantly increased complexity in the device. 
  It's also such a host-centric protocol that the interface is 
essentially useless for connecting other small devices (like a GPS 
receiver).  Even USB On-the-Go is vastly more complicated than an RS-232 

Yeah, I'll add native USB ports to my products eventually.  I've already 
experimented with it, but I'm really not looking forward to supporting 
multiple operating systems and platforms.

For now, I'm testing out some tracker cables with built-in converter 
chips and 5-volt pass-through on pin 4 of the DB9 side.  This should 
give you all of the benefits (except reduced connector size) of USB, 
while still retaining the flexibility of RS-232.


Ben Lindner wrote:
> We also need to start putting pressure on manufactures to include USB 
> and not serial eg Kantronics
> Ben Lindner
> Charles Doughtie wrote:
>> I have a Techra A9-S9015X ordered and in transit.
>> If, at its price, it is not just about perfect,
>> you will hear me scream!
>> de Charlie, N5EXY,
>> South Suburban Greater Hutto
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