[aprssig] DGPS?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Sat Apr 12 14:39:42 EDT 2008

At 02:58 PM 4/7/2008, Keith VE7GDH wrote:
>I certainly wouldn't want to discourage someone from playing around 
>with DGPS, but what's the point for APRS? We aren't surveying. I did 
>SAR for about 15 years... most of it before GPS receivers were cheap 
>and available. Even with SA enabled, it was pretty amazing to glance 
>at the GPS receiver and get a position within 100 metres of our 
>actual location... within 15 metres when SA was turned off was nice. 
>With better receivers and WAAS these days, it's usually even more 
>accurate. If there was enough visibility to fly, even getting a 
>helicopter within 1 km of our location was enough to talk the pilot 
>down. I'm not concerned with "what side of the highway" a station is 
>on or "finding buried treasure". Seeing what direction they were 
>travelling is enough to determine that in most cases. If you have 
>DGPS, use it, but it's more than I need.

         I've been on the road almost a week, so my apologies for the 
late reply.

         I can answer this in two sentences --

         1.  I like using DGPS.
         2.  It gives me pleasure.

         I could expound on this a bit, but these two sentences 
pretty well boil it all down.  Actually, we could do away with either 
one and it would still say pretty much the same thing!  <G>

         7 3

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