[aprssig] College tuitions

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 9 12:24:18 EDT 2008

> Bob... Soon to be simultaneous tuitions...? 
> Are you selling our satellite secrets to 
> the Russians...?

Its frustrating.  A real eye-opener. Nothing like what we
expected...  If anyone else has APRS Ham kids going to college
(that makes it germain to this email list), here is what we
learned (the hard way).

Don't save for college, spend all your money, buy cars, boats,
and houses, go into debt, mortgage to the max, drive 10 MPG
SUV's, don't worry, all of the top schools (and the government)
will GUARANTEE to pay any or all college costs that you cannot
pay.  If your kid is accepted, the top schools guarantee that
they will pay whatever you need.

On the other hand, however, if you both work, save for college,
live frugally, drive 12 year old cars, the bus and carpool,
don't buy boats, and McMansions, don't go on vacations, and
cruises, don't live off of credit, buy only what you can pay
for, and try to save for retirement and don't run up debt, then
there is no money, no scholarships, no loans, and no financial
aid.  You are on your own...

Apparently, in these modern times, all incentives are on
spending, and consumption and debt (which leads to waste, but
that is another story)...  There are few public incentives
(beyond personal values) toward frugality, saving, and living
within one's means.

Oops, we did get one scholarship of $1500 from the ARRL
Foundation since the kids are hams.  That was the ONLY
scholarship that was not "based solely on "need""...

Sorry for the political diatribe... But it has been an

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