[aprssig] APRS on a mobile phone?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Apr 8 09:41:26 EDT 2008

This just came to my attention...   Though someone here might be
Don't know if there are repeat events elsewhwere...


Dave G0WBX.

> UKUUG 'free' Evening talk 
> 'OpenMoko (GNU/Linux on the mobile phone)' - speaker: Ole Tange
> Wednesday 9th April, 2008 - Talk starts at: 6:30 p.m. (ends approx.
> p.m.)
> Venue: Cruciform Lecture theatre 2, UCL, Cruciform Building, Gower
> Street, London WC1E 6BT
> There is no need to book a place - just turn up.
> see UKUUG web site for information:
> http://www.ukuug.org/events/openmoko/
> Abstract
> OpenMoko is the GNU/Linux distribution that runs on the free phone Neo
> Freerunner from FIC. http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Neo_FreeRunner 
> It is completely Free Software. Being able to completely control a
> phone gives new posibillities that people only dreamed of. 
> Have you ever had a mobile phone where you have been annoyed by some
> the functionality and thought: "If only I had the source code I could
> have fixed this annoying thing"? Then you are not alone. The phone Neo
> Freerunner from FIC runs a completely free operating system. Because
> is free it is possible to try out completely new ideas - even ideas
> the phone companies make no money from.
> The presentation will be about the possibilities and how you can take
> part in this revolution.
> About the speaker:
> Ole Tange has worked as Hostmaster for .dk, as a security consultant,
> network admin, as site reliablility engineer, and is now working as
> developer. 
> He has worked with UNIX since 1991, GNU/Linux since 1992, and in 1996
> deleted his Microsoft Windows partition. 
> He has done lots of presentations on security, Free Software, and IT
> political issues (such as software patents) - both for the general
> public and to polticians. He is best know as the person behind
> the patented webshop and wordprocessor and Remindmail.
> He sees a completely Free phone as the most disrupting that has
> happened since the introduction of GNU/Linux.

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