[aprssig] Correction: FT-2800M on Packet / APRS

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Apr 7 01:59:41 EDT 2008

Matthew Stennett wrote:
> Well guys, I messed up...what I MEANT to write, is how do you wire an FT-2800M for Packet ?; and NOT the 2600M.
> Of COURSE the 2600M can be run through the back panel DB-9.
> Is there some easy way to come up with a patch cord to wire this thing through the mic connector ? Anyone running a 2800M on Packet?

Have you ever used Google??

Do you read??

15 seconds searching Google for   "FT-2800M"    yielded this result from 
the 5th hit on the first page of results:


In turn, looking at the table of contents of the manual revealed that 
page 42 deals with packet hookup.   Apparently this radio doesn't have 
the dedicated data/packet connector on the rear panel.  You have to go 
in through the front panel mic jack and rear panel speaker jack; i.e. 
kludgy.     Page 42 actually has a wiring diagram for the plug to mate 
with the mic jack. 

Again, the mic jack is a standard 6-contact RJ-13/14 modular telephone 
plug that is widely available.     Buy a  "fat" (i.e. wide) telephone 
cable (must be the 6-conductor  "three-line"  variety and not the more 
common narrower 4-conductor type), and cut it in half to get two cables 
suitable for use with the Yaesu mic jack.


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