[aprssig] Latest setup of KPC3 and 3+

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Thu Nov 29 13:30:46 EST 2007

Mike (callsign?) wrote...

> Where can I find, based on Bob's recommendations of late
> regarding SSn-n, etc, the correct KPC3 / 3+ setup for redoing
> all our TNCs going into 2008?

The "new" settings were actually adopted in the "Pacific Northwest" a year
or so before it became the "new paradigm" so taking a look at
www.nwaprs.info might be worthwhile. It doesn't go into the "why" as deeply
as on Bob's site, but it has some very easy to understand suggestions for
the settings.

As Bob suggested, a search for "fix14439.html" should take you to

Consider adding an object to advertise the local voice repeater if the 
coverage of the digi is about the same as the voice repeater. It should go 
out direct in the beacon text every 10 minutes. There is an example on 

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