[aprssig] Wanted: small battery powered non-display GPS

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Nov 27 14:36:12 EST 2007

Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
> I often hike with my D7. When I'm going on a trail I don't know, I am 
> happy to take along my Garmin eTrex. But when I am on a familiar 
> trail, I would rather have a small battery powered GPS that doesn't 
> need a display, and simply anchor it to the top of my pack.

The perfect mate for the TH-D7 is the Garmin ForeTrex 201 "Wrist GPS".  
It runs 10-15 hours on it's internal rechargable Lithium-Ion battery or 
endlessly on an external 4.5-5.0 VDC source.  A complete description and 
review are on my web site at:


It does have a small display, but the unit is very small, and most 
importantly has a REAL SERIAL PORT that can connect directly with the 
TH-D7.  A neat feature is that the D7 can actually send positions of 
received APRS stations as NMEA waypoints back to the ForeTrex to create 
a (very) rudimentary APRS activity map on it's screen, along with your 
own course of travel (track). 

The unit can log (record) discrete waypoints and tracks that can then be 
downloaded in various formats with the freeware utilities G7toWin or 
GPSbabel for plotting on various mapping software.  The current versions 
of Delorme Street Atlas and TopoUSA can directly suck tracks and 
waypoints out of the ForeTrex and plot them on their respective maps. 


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