[aprssig] ANDE -APRS Re-Entry Campaign

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 27 13:09:15 EST 2007

ANDE-APRS Re-Entry Campaign:

The ANDE-MAA satellite (Nav Oscar - 61) will de-orbit in the
next few weeks but is fully operational.  We encourage activity,
because while it is in use (2m packet up/down), then it is awake
and sending telemetry.  We want to capture the most telemetry to
see if we can catch the thermal changes as re-entry approaches.

Who can capture the last telemetry frame?

The most important telemetry is that which is fed live by IGate
into the APRS-IS system.  Because that is automatically logged
and time stamped.
You can verify your data got in by looking at the
http://pcsat.aprs.org web page after each pass.

If you manually capture any packets, Please take special care to
accurately LOG the TIME of any packets received especially in
the final day prior to re-entry.  See the contest page below for
how to submit entries:

Here is the ANDE Operations web page.  It has links to live
telemetry too:

And this one is the CONTEST for data collection and operations
sponsored by PA3GUO and DK3WN:

Any APRS station that is also on the internet can contribute
telemetry by simply QSY'ing their normal APRS rig receiver to
145.825 on that final day.

If you do not normally run APRS or an IGate, then you can simply
download ALOGGER.EXE which is a full up IGate designed just for
satelite gating without having to learn APRS.  See Bill's web

ANDE is coming over the northern latitudes in the afternoons and
evenings local sun time, but this pattern moves earlier by 14
minutes per day.
Just monitor 145.825 MHz.


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