[aprssig] GO-32 worldwide satgates

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Nov 26 22:43:31 EST 2007

>> So this basically means that IF I travel into 
>> remote places/countries, my GO32 station will 
>> be worthless? Since my location is not going 
>> to make it to the Internet?

APRS is a grass-roots system.  Look at the USA map of over a
thousand digis that all started with just one digi in Maryland
in 1992 (WB4APR-1).  Our hope for GO-32 now that we have a
permanent and reliable satellite is that more and more SATgates
will pop up.  Eventually, with the help of some people is far
away places, we should be able to get to most world coverage.

Today I just talked to some hams that are world travelers as a
group who are interested in populating some ground stations in
far out places.

But it's a chicken and egg problem.  Unless we have USERS, then
there is not that much incentive for SATgates.  And


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