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Sun Nov 25 23:56:33 EST 2007

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> From: Bob Bruninga
> Posted At: Sunday, November 25, 2007 8:13 AM
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] GO32 Traffic
> I had proposed a SATGATE Server for all SATgates to connect to and it
> would filter out all NON APRS packets from GO-32 and pass the APRS
> packets.  But AE5PL chose the simplistic solution of blocking all GO32
> packets from all javAPRSSrvr's worldwide.

AE5PL made no such choice.  There is no differentiation of packets, per
Bob's request, made at the server for any packets being passed.  Each
sysop, however, has the ability to block packets originated from
stations that have the potential for needlessly increasing bandwidth
requirements beyond reason.  Such is the case with the GO32.

> So anything that goes through a javAPRSSrvr will not allow any GO32
> packets to reach the APRS-IS.  Although user packets via GO32 will get
> through OK, the inability to monitor the operation of the APRS
> bulletins, beacons and status from GO-32 via the APRS-IS is
> frustrating.

Then a different solution than the one you worked out with the GO-32
folks should have been implemented.  However, you did not consult anyone
who was going to be adversely affected (server and client sysops) until
after your changes had been implemented on the GO-32.  If you are
frustrated, be frustrated with yourself and quit casting aspersions.


Pete Loveall AE5PL

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