[aprssig] GPS Signals in a Tunnel?

Glenn Little WB4UIV glennmaillist at bellsouth.net
Sun Nov 25 18:33:41 EST 2007

Probably dead reckoning based on speed and direction when you entered the 
tunnel. You could stop in the tunnel and see it the GPS had you still 
moving (probably not safe). You could drive slow through the tunnel and see 
if the GPS maintained the indicated speed that you entered the tunnel with.



At 05:36 PM 11/25/07, you wrote:
>I'm curious -- while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel (New York City) the
>other day, my GPS seemed to be accurately tracking where I was in the
>Was it really getting some GPS signals? How?
>I'm pretty sure my 2m APRS beacon didn't make it out of the tunnel, however.
>Ralph KC2RLM
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