[aprssig] GPS Signals in a Tunnel?

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Sun Nov 25 18:32:22 EST 2007

Superman's fortress of solitude was discovered 18 months ago near the north
pole.  The crystals used in the construction have been found to be
completely transparent to all forms of radiation above 1Ghz.  The US
Military had been searching for this fortress since the 1950's and wanted
desperately to use them to make WMDs (weapons of Muslim destruction).  The
informant was a reindeer with a red nose and offered information leading to
the location in exchange for asylum in Phoenix AZ.  Apparently, the same red
nosed subject is being sought in connection to a sweat shop which made toys
for children.  The sweatshop has since been moved to a small province just
north of Hong Kong and continues to churn out toys with lead coatings for
all the boys and girls.  Word has it that since the reindeer have sabotaged
the delivery infrastructure, all such toys are delivered to local retailers
in 20 and 40 foot long ocean going containers.  Entire ships have been made
to fill this need.


it could be that they installed a LAAS (local area augmentation system)
transmitter in the tunnel.  Or some sort of gps repeater.

Bah humbugs de ai4px  ;-)  I should write for The Onion.

On 11/25/07, Ralph Milnes <ralphmilnes at patmedia.net> wrote:
> I'm curious -- while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel (New York City)
> the
> other day, my GPS seemed to be accurately tracking where I was in the
> tunnel.
> Was it really getting some GPS signals? How?
> I'm pretty sure my 2m APRS beacon didn't make it out of the tunnel,
> however.
> :-)
> Ralph KC2RLM
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