[aprssig] Satellite server test

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Nov 25 18:00:03 EST 2007

On Nov 25, 2007, at 4:54 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:

> 1. There is a PERL telent server running at vk4tec.no-ip.org, port  
> 10151
> 2. The result ends up here on a web site.
The problem is it only ends up there. People would need to choose  
between feeding all of the APRS Internet System, and findU and  
APRSworld, or just you. No client I know of is able to feed two places  
at once. Encouraging people to bypass the APRS IS is not a good idea.

findU runs an old version of javAPRSrvr, prior to the filters Pete  
added for GO32, and any data sent there will end up on the findU  
server, but is not reflected to the wider APRS IS, so that is no  
solution either.

Steve K4HG

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