[aprssig] NMEA Sentence problems into SCS Tracker....from GarminEtrex

Jack Chomley radio at irock.com.au
Sat Nov 24 00:33:03 EST 2007


Well it looks like the Etrex needs an adapter cable between its 
proprietory Garmin cable and the SCS DSP Tracker. Its something to do 
with the DSR or maybe RTS lines. When I tested with the scope, the 
MAP76s was putting out data fine, with no terminal connected, the 
Etrex was sending NOTHING in the way of a readable level at all. As 
soon as the terminal was hooked up, away it went!  I wonder IF the 
output chip in the Etrex is being powered by the Terminal RS232 
port?.....looks like its a possibility.
Time to head back to the bench!


Jack  VK4JRC

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