[aprssig] NMEA Sentence problems into SCS Tracker....from GarminEtrex

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Fri Nov 23 19:34:33 EST 2007


GPRMC is ok


GPGGA is ok


I would next be looking at grounds and also levels coming from the two GPS

Be carefull - some GPS's use a 0 to 5 volts for "RS-232"

You should be able to use hyperterminal to simulate a GPS stream.

Take the data you have captured from the device that is not working, and
send it to you TNC etc using hyperterminal.

This will prove it is something wrong on the electrical interface.

The data looks ok to me.

So disprove the data by sending it from a PC to the TNC.

What GPS string is the device looking for ?

Just pick on that one.

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