[aprssig] NMEA Sentence problems into SCS Tracker....from GarminEtrex

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You have only told 1/5 of the story.

We need to see the whole string.

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Hi all,

Yesterday, my trusty Magellan 315 died, it was used on my mobile HF
setup, using a SCS DSP Tracker, which all worked fine. So....I hooked
my Garmin MAP76S up and away it went.
I decided to get a Garmin Etrex (basic model) for the job, as all I
wanted was NMEA V3 @4800 baud, which is what my other GPS units were
working OK with, into the tracker.
I set the Etrex up and no comms, check the interface settings. all
OK....same as the MAP76S, which works.
Despite resetting everything, still no go :-(
Next, fire up my RS232 terminal....yep NMEA data is coming out of the
Etrex fine, so I log the data sentences, THEN do a "read" on the
MAP76S and find differences?

Etrex  Sentences


MAP76S Sentences


Looking at the logged sentence types, there are differences?  I just
bought the Etrex new, so I would say the firmware is reasonably up to
date, maybe I need to try and load an older version, IF that is at
all possible?
My MAP76S is about 4 years or so old, and its firmware has never been
I would have thought that the $GPRMC sentence would have been
sufficient, for the tracker to work off.
So....I look to the collective wisdom of the group for a solution ;-)



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