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> Hi Alex,
> Thanks for the update.  My experience with the Basic
> Stamps (an auto patch controller using the stamp-1,
> and an Az/El antenna controller based on the
> Stamp-2) pre-dates the Javelin chip; sounds like a
> neat product.  But, I have not found any difference
> in the ability for the use of an I/O pin to do
> serial communication, between a regular I/O pin and
> the serial port used for chip programming and
> debugging.  All are accessed with the serin and
> serout commands, and all are single threaded
> foreground tasks.  Are you saying that the
> programming port on a Stamp-2 can take characters in
> and buffer them while the chip is off doing
> something else?
> Greg.

Hi Greg,

The Stamp-2 is still using Parallax BASIC so it won't
do what you want nor will it buffer serial data on its
own, you have to go with the Javelin.  The Javelin
stamp (running Java on board, not BASIC) is
multi-threaded and has the ability to assign serial
I/O to one or more general purpose I/O pins plus run
an asynchronous buffer operation on the pin while your
code is busy elsewhere.  You'll have to go with the
Javelin if you want multi-threaded programming and
buffered serial ports.  The serial I/O routines would
handle themselves.  You either read from the buffer
while the pin fills the buffer on its own (for an
input pin) or you dump data into the buffer variable
and tell the pin to transmit and it will go off and do
its thing while you do something else.

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