[aprssig] web page help needed

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Nov 23 12:57:00 EST 2007

On Nov 23, 2007, at 12:15 PM, Joe Della Barba wrote:

> Right now, my APRS web page looks like so: http://www.dellabarba.com/sailing/findcoquina1.html
> I am going to replace my TinyTrack II with an open tracker so I can  
> get the voltage and temperature telemetry info.
> What I would like to do is something like this: http://www.dellabarba.com/sailing/findcoquina2.html
> That page so far is just a mockup of what I am trying to do. Is  
> there any way to do what I am showing in the mockup page?
> My HTML skills are on the basic side, so any help here is greatly  
> appreciated!

The only way that ever existed to do this without programming was with  
something Rich, W9IF (I think) had experimented with, but when I look  
at his site I don't see it any longer. The idea was you wrote a  
regular html page, and inserted markers which were replaced at display  
time by the real values. In any case I'm pretty sure he never  
implemented telemetry.

To do what you want you either need to run an APRS parser, looking for  
the right data and holding it in a database, or use APRSworld to  
screen scrape the data you want (or ask for direct database access).  
findU does not allow direct access or screen scraping because of  
loading considerations.)

This is some pretty heavy programming, much worse than just html!

Steve K4HG

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