[aprssig] RE: WRT54G - now simple embedded computer

Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 22 14:18:12 EST 2007

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the update.  My experience with the Basic Stamps (an auto patch controller using the stamp-1, and an Az/El antenna controller based on the Stamp-2) pre-dates the Javelin chip; sounds like a neat product.  But, I have not found any difference in the ability for the use of an I/O pin to do serial communication, between a regular I/O pin and the serial port used for chip programming and debugging.  All are accessed with the serin and serout commands, and all are single threaded foreground tasks.  Are you saying that the programming port on a Stamp-2 can take characters in and buffer them while the chip is off doing something else?


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>> Hi Bill,
>> You need something with real (buffered) serial ports
>> on it.
>> I believe any pin on a Stamp can be used for a
>> serial port - look at the SERIN command.  The main
>> problem you will probably run into is that the Stamp
>> only does one thing at a time.  If it's sucking in
>> bits from one port, then it's not looking at the
>> other one.  So after reading a character from one
>> pin, you will miss the next one while you are
>> pushing the first one out the second port.  
>> Does Parallax have anything with "real" ports on it?
>>  Otherwise you might consider picking up an old X86
>> PC.  Probably cost a lot less than a Stamp, anyway.
> The Basic Stamps from Parallax can not do serial on
> any port you choose as normal serial.  They do have
> one dedicated serial port and you can do one-at-a-time
> serial out of another pin but it won't handle data
> passing.  The Javelin series (Java based) CAN do
> multiple serial data out multiple pins at once as it
> will buffer whatever pins you designate as a serial
> port.  The data is written to RAM buffers you
> designate in the configuration call.  It doesn't
> handle handshaking-you'd have to do that through
> software and additional pins.
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