[aprssig] Icom Commercial Radios for APRS

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 22:22:16 EST 2007

I have some commercial Icom radios that I use for APRS and Winlink. To 
really take advantage of the features of these radios you need to use an 
optional OPC-617 interface cable.  Problem is that the cable is expensive 
and isn't wired right for my purposes (connecting Kantronics TNC).

On eBay I found someone selling a less expensive radio interface cable for 
the Icoms.  I asked if he might be interested in building a version that is 
pre-wired so that it can be connected directly to my Kantronics TNC.  To my 
surprise, he sent me a prototype, which worked exactly the way I needed.  It 
even supplies power to the TNC so I don't have to run extra wires.

It seems that my request spurred him to experiment with APRS as well and he 
seems to be enjoying it.  I'd suggest you read his article about using the 
Icom commercial radios with an Opentracker (also wired like a Kantronics 
TNC).  It is at 

I don't want to spam the list, but if you click on his link to "My ebay 
Items" you'll find the cable for sale if you think you might need one.  He's 
added an ignition control wire so the radio can turn on when you start your 
car, then off again when you park.

John, KC5ZRQ 

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