[aprssig] Re: APRS for new GPS Navigation devices? Windows CE and a USB?

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Fri Nov 16 11:43:15 EST 2007

You are not going to find any $200 Navigation systems that support USB host 
mode.  I bet you won't find any Navigation systems that support host 
mode.   Most handheld products that do support host mode only support UID 
devices like keyboards and mice, and sometimes removable storage 
devices.  Adding anything else would require custom written software.



At 04:28 PM 11/15/2007, Brian Webster wrote:
>I have been doing a research on all of the new GPS Navigation devices out
>there. Many seem to be operating Windows CE and have a USB port. Does anyone
>know if this USB port is a host or slave? If it will function as a host it
>seems that with the micro TNC with it's USB port and these devices would be
>a great platform to develop a new version of APRS CE that takes advantage of
>those nice color screens and cheap devices. I have seen many of them below
>$200. I'm not a programmer and have no idea if this would be possible but
>with the mass produced devices out there it seems ripe for some hacking and

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