[aprssig] APRS for new GPS Navigation devices? Windows CE and a USB?

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Thu Nov 15 19:28:55 EST 2007

I have been doing a research on all of the new GPS Navigation devices out
there. Many seem to be operating Windows CE and have a USB port. Does anyone
know if this USB port is a host or slave? If it will function as a host it
seems that with the micro TNC with it's USB port and these devices would be
a great platform to develop a new version of APRS CE that takes advantage of
those nice color screens and cheap devices. I have seen many of them below
$200. I'm not a programmer and have no idea if this would be possible but
with the mass produced devices out there it seems ripe for some hacking and

Thank You,
Brian N2KGC

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