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So these laptops have 802.11 wireless, but what other ports
do they have - serial, USB?

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I'd like to work with a scout troop of youth with their OLPC's have fun 
exporing and setting up their ad-hoc wireless network in a simulated 
disaster area.  Just working at the local RF level would be fun.  Using 
ad-hoc antennas to get everyone linked up.

Then one or two of them could hook up a PSK-31 link out of the area to other 
scout troops.  Then they could all expore the multi-connectedness, etc.

More and more, ham radio uses laptops for fundamental tasks and I look 
forward to having access to a very low cost terminal.

Combined with a very low cost HT like Scott's and the sound card modem. then 
someone anywhwere at any time, could get an email out via one of the APRS 

Remember, you may be simply stuck in the bottom of a ravine in Georgia and 
not get a packet out.  But ANYWHERE on the planet, and APRS email can get 
out a few times a day via the satellites.  That is why I think that all APRS 
and all AMSAT users should exercise this capability to know how to use it 
when the DO need it.

Jus a thought.


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