[aprssig] W3,SSn-N digipeater text

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Fri Nov 9 21:16:02 EST 2007

> The KPC-3+v8.3 and later don't have to specifically list WIDE1-1 (nor
> NCA1-1) so they can use instead:
> UIdigi ON WIDE4-3,WIDE4-2,WIDE3-3,WIDE3-2
> 73, Cap

Yes, there is no reason to put WIDE1-1 in the UIDIGI list in the 8.3 
And it should be not there in the v8.3, because duplicate checking doesn't 
work for UIDIGI aliases in that firmware. In such case we are back to RELAY 
multiplication problem.

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