[aprssig] Michigan Digipeaters

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 8 19:32:06 EST 2007

> We use WXn-n in all the major digis instead of MIn-n.
> because mosst WX stations... send out to WX2-2.  
> We are working to change them all to MI2-2...

An interesting chicken-egg transition problem..  Since I always
enjoy kibitzing... Here is a possible one-step transition

Add WX2-2 and WX2-1 to the digi's UIDIGI Aliases.
Change UITRACE to WIDE...
Change UIFLOOD to MI...

This way, the new settings on the digi can support both WX2-2
and MIn-N to some degree.  They will all support the second hop
of WX2-1 and all will support the first (but only hop) of WX2-2,
while also getting MIn-N implemented..

Note, these digis that hear the WX2-2 first will of course, only
digipeat it one hop and die....  But that can be considered on a
case basis..

Just a thought.
Oh, and what is a good link to an overall APRS Michigan Web


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