[aprssig] Predict

Iain Young, G7III g7iii at g7iii.net
Thu Nov 8 17:56:29 EST 2007

James Jolin wrote:
> Scott Miller wrote:
>> Never tried running it from a graphical shell, myself.  I always just 
>> work at the command line.  'Predict' isn't a graphical application, 
>> anyway, unless there's a new version I don't know about.
>> What distro are you running, and how did you install the program?  Can 
>> you run it from the bash shell?
> I am using Kbuntu 7.10 as it  had more amateur radio stuff.  I installed 
> it with Synaptic.  Did not know that Predict was not a gui.  I started 
> it from a konsole, filled in the callsign, latitude and longitude, and 
> hight above sea level.  I hit enter and just got a command prompt...I 
> feel I' m missing something but the fact it is not a gui helps.

First off, run predict from a commandline/xterm again. It should fire
up, if not, send me the contents of each file you have in .predict.
 From memory, if you dont have a predict.tle file, it doesn't like it :)

Predict is an ncurses app, with a "server" mode" that needs to be run
from an xterminal. If you want to run it from an icon, youll want
something like xterm -e "/usr/bin/predict -s" as the command line for
the launcher

In "pure" Ubuntu. a right click on the desktop will hopefully give you
a "Create Launcher" menu option. Select it. Where it says "Type", select
"Application in Xterm". Your command line should be /usr/bin/predict, or
/usr/bin/predict -s if you want to run it as a server.Try it in Kubuntu,
I've never ran it, so im not sure if that bit is different.

gpredict is a graphical app with the predict tracking engine built-in,
but doesnt let you have multiple predict clients access the predict
part via UDP.



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