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Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 7 23:33:08 EST 2007

Hi Jim,

What are you desiring to do with the tracking program?

If you want to control a rotor or radios, predict can do a limited job at the rotor side by itself (I forget which brand it is programmed for), and nothing on the radio.  But the socket interface works well, and I have cobbled together a little program to drive my Yaesu rig.  There are probably some "real" rig control applications out there too, but I wanted to take the C compiler out for a spin instead.  And being open source, I modified the program itself to drive my homebrew rotor controller.  But, there's no eye candy unless you lash it up with something like gplanet (which I have not succeeded in doing myself), or consider a screen full of dancing numbers to be candy.  And, yes, run it from a bash shell window, or check the "run in terminal" box (KDE has it under advanced options on the application tab on a desktop icon) when you launch it.

gpredict does a really good job at the graphical interface (you can just download the source and compile it yourself - the script does all the work).  I see where the author intends to add the rotor and rig control, but they're still empty on my version.  Perhaps I'm missing a library or something...  I've got version 0.9.0.  So, if you need rig control, I don't think gpredict is for you.

There's also mtrack which is an older tracking program, if you can find it.  Again, a GUI program, but no rotor/rig control.

Good luck,

Greg  KO6TH

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Michael Miller wrote:
> James,
> You might look for Gpredict in Synaptic package menu.  You might have
> to install the Gnome packages as well.  Synaptic should figure that
> all out for you.
> Mike WL7CSL
> Mike,
I did that once, but I tried it again and it works except that it is 
version 0.6 and the new is 0.8.  For some reason Debian has  not updated 
and the 0.6 does not have the tele update which makes predictions a 
little unreliable.  Tnx anyway.

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