[aprssig] WIDE4-4 comments

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 8 17:21:12 EST 2007

> My station in Lubbock can hear virtually every 
> digipeater in NM as you can see at 
> http://pages.suddenlink.net/kc5zrq/networka.htm 

Looks like things are quite under control.  Nice page.  I see
only 2 people using WIDE5-5, and only one using WIDE4-4.  All
the rest are 3-3 or below.  Im beginning to think that the "W4"
recommendation in New Mexico might not be a "recommendation" but
the original definition of a "limit".

But in the long run, for consistency, I think we need to move
toward that entry in all digipeaters beacon information to be a
"Wn" -recommendation-.  That way it can be tailored to each
digi.  Some very remote digis might need a higher receommended
value of N then those in the suburbs.

If any of my references or documents infer it is a "limit",
remind me so I can change them to "receommendations".



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