[aprssig] WIDE4-4 comments

James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 15:02:45 EST 2007

In a few weeks I will be making a cross country trip, I will be running a 
TT2, I need to reconfigure the tracker anyway, and I have a switch for both 
settings, I could run 4-4 while I cruise thru the state and just switch it 
back when I cross the border.


> Since the New-N paradigm worked so well at reducing dupes and
> QRM on the channel, maybe after operating at W3-3 for a while,
> the locals found that they could go up to 4-4 and still have a
> working network without spill over into adjacent cities?  I know
> NM is unique in its spare population density, and has one of the
> best APRS networks in the world..  Anyway, has anyone kept an
> eye on this and can comment on how well the channel is working
> out there?

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