[aprssig] Re: Puxing PX-777

Blake Bowers bbowers at mozarks.com
Thu Nov 8 09:22:28 EST 2007

That would be correct, you are not up on the regs.

There is no requirement for someone to have a HAM license in
order to own a HAM radio, there is no requirement for someone
to have a business license to own a business radio, etc.

Never has been.

Transmitting is another thing.

Many current business/public safety radios are capable of 
covering the HAM bands out of the box.

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>   And I guess I'm not up on current FCC regs.  I thought the FCC frowned 
> upon any tranciever able to function on frequencies of more than one 
> service.  If this thing is really that broadbanded, does one need a 
> license in every service that it spans in order to legally own one?
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