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Danny Messano danny at messano.net
Wed Nov 7 11:33:06 EST 2007

The real answer is "more MURS radios".

People want VHF "CB" where FRS isn't doing the trick.  Until they make a
MURS radio that's easy to use and next to the FRS rigs at Wal-Mart, VHF
freebanding will continue.


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> Note not the slightest mention that you need a license, amateur or 
> otherwise.  I wonder if this is where you're getting your hang gliders 
> and other bootleggers in the 2M band?

If you go to the purchasing page, there's a box where you have to indicate
that you're licensed.  Doesn't seem like they're checking very rigorously.
But how many Radio Shacks ever checked licenses for HTs?


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