[aprssig] OT: ARRL Bulletin Motorola buys Yaesu ( ! )

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Nov 6 13:36:40 EST 2007

If it's profitable, why get rid of it?  I'm more concerned about the HF 
gear at this point, but then does Motorola still make any HF gear?

As for VHF, there are still plenty of players out there.  The Chinese 
radios have gotten MUCH better over the last few years.  In fact, I just 
started carrying one model, the Puxing PX-777.  The first shipment 
showed up about an hour ago and I haven't even got them all unpacked.

It's about the size of the Yaesu VX-150.  I think the styling and feel 
isn't quite as nice as the Yaesu, but it's lighter, thanks to the Li-Ion 
battery, and it comes with a drop-in charger.  It certainly beats my 
Icom T2H Sport, which is the only other thing I've bought in the same 
price range.  The Icom is much bigger and comes without a rechargeable 
battery, and the battery holder doesn't fit well.  The PX-777 I've been 
testing has had no such problems.

Plus, it's authorized for Part 90 use.  I was told only the 'plus' model 
had the ANI and scrambler features, but according to the box, the radios 
I've got here have that too.  Obviously you can't use a scrambler on the 
ham bands, but it could be useful for commercial users.

I'm selling them for $90 here:


I'll post pictures and more information later.  Yeah, you can probably 
find them cheaper from overseas on eBay, but at least if you get it from 
me and it breaks, getting a replacement won't be a problem.

Hams in the US should expect to see more radios from China in the near 
future.  I've been talking to two more vendors that I met with in Hong 
Kong that are both getting their first FCC-approved models ready now. 
One is producing a model specifically for the ham market.  It's more 
expensive than the PX-777, but it looks nice.  I'll get a sample as soon 
as they have one available.  The other vendor wasn't really going for 
the amateur market, but had a very nice compact 4-watt HT that felt as 
well-built as the VX-150.

What I *really* want is a radio that the manufacturer will let me tinker 
with the firmware.  Maybe if I buy enough of them I'll have some 
leverage.  I don't think it's going to happen with Puxing, though.

I think I'm going to go down to the local hang glider/paraglider 
training hill and offer all of those guys a discount on these things so 
they can move to the USHPA commercial frequency and get their unlicensed 
people off 2 meters...


Steve Noskowicz wrote:
> Based on history, this could spell the end of Yaesu Ham equipment.
> Looks like some phone calls are in order...
> Ex-Motorolan Steve, K9DCI
> --- K8YS <K8YS at fuse.net> wrote:
>> I had to double check the calendar... I had to verify it was not 01April.
>> Bob K8YS
>> ARLX007 Motorola buys Yaesu
>> Motorola USA has announced its intention to launch a tender offer to
>> acquire a controlling interest in Vertex Standard Co, Ltd. Vertex
>> Standard is the parent company of Yaesu. Motorola will own 80
>> percent of Vertex Standard; Tokogiken, a privately held Japanese
>> company, controlled by current president and CEO of Vertex Standard
>> Jun Hasegawa, will retain 20 percent, forming a joint venture. The
>> total purchase price for 80 percent of the outstanding shares on a
>> fully diluted basis will be approximately US $108 million.
>> /EX
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