[aprssig] OT: ARRL Bulletin Motorola buys Yaesu ( ! )

K8YS K8YS at fuse.net
Mon Nov 5 22:14:43 EST 2007

I had to double check the calendar... I had to verify it was not 01April.

Bob K8YS

ARLX007 Motorola buys Yaesu

Motorola USA has announced its intention to launch a tender offer to
acquire a controlling interest in Vertex Standard Co, Ltd. Vertex
Standard is the parent company of Yaesu. Motorola will own 80
percent of Vertex Standard; Tokogiken, a privately held Japanese
company, controlled by current president and CEO of Vertex Standard
Jun Hasegawa, will retain 20 percent, forming a joint venture. The
total purchase price for 80 percent of the outstanding shares on a
fully diluted basis will be approximately US $108 million.


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