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Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Sun Nov 4 17:39:29 EST 2007

Yes, I do not know the Michigan VHF network topology situation today, sorry.
More comment below.

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> Well Cap, unfortunately you do not know the Michigan APRS network it
> appears.  All digis here that digi weather must have WXn-n
> instead of MIn-n
> because of how a large amount of the NWS weather stations were setup 3-4
> years ago.  We are working to change this, but figured getting
> the 15 digis
> up to "L" first was a good start.

The L overlay on the map symbol is a rather too old and confusing
"non-standard" these days.  Either a 1 overlay or a S overlay is best.

So for WXn-N with TNCv8.2 it would actually be instead:
LT n     !4258.07NS08540.29W#PHG6360 W2,WXn Grand Rapids A=000625
UIdigi   ON WIDE1-1,WX1-1,WIDE3-3,WIDE3-2    ;WIDE1-1 and "SS"1-1 are
specified with KPC-3v8.2
UIFlood  WX,30,ID
UITrace  WIDE,30

> So, why do we need to be an S digi when the real goal is to support
> WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 mobiles and HTs?

Good question!  Generally, folks should first carefully consider whether
there's _any_ chance a fill-in digi will suffice.  If most stations needing
to view the VHF network map already can somehow do so, then at most only a
fill-in digi (1 overlay) is needed.

Fill-in (note "1 overlay"):
LT n     !4258.07N108540.29W#PHG6360 W1,fill-in Grand Rapids A=000625
UIdigi   ON WIDE1-1,WX1-1    ;WIDE1-1 and "SS"1-1 are specified with
UIFlood  disabled,30,ID <uif %>
UITrace  disabled,30    <uit %>

> Why would I want Altitude in my digi posit?  I assume that is
> what A= sets?

Yes, but not critical if there isn't much local altitude.  hi hi  Altitude
can help indicate station coverage area (or temper the PHG statement) in
places where there are big hills.

> Not really sure why yours is better, I tried to play it out in my head.
> Everything else you list we already have the same.  Only
> differences are LT
> text and UIDIGI command.

Okay.  Infrequent LText or any digi position packets are not really
important, they have no significant effect on digi _service_ or VHF network
topology.  The UIdigi command in the KPC-3 _is_ important for modern
traceable digipeating.
Have fun!  Conserve VHF airtime.
73, Cap

> Maybe I need some further explinations?
> Mike
> Kb8zgl

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