[aprssig] What is wrong?

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Sun Nov 4 07:54:23 EST 2007

Well Cap, unfortunately you do not know the Michigan APRS network it
appears.  All digis here that digi weather must have WXn-n instead of MIn-n
because of how a large amount of the NWS weather stations were setup 3-4
years ago.  We are working to change this, but figured getting the 15 digis
up to "L" first was a good start.

So, why do we need to be an S digi when the real goal is to support
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 mobiles and HTs?

Why would I want Altitude in my digi posit?  I assume that is what A= sets?

Not really sure why yours is better, I tried to play it out in my head.
Everything else you list we already have the same.  Only differences are LT
text and UIDIGI command.

Maybe I need some further explinations?


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This is not good.
K8SN-2>APN382,WIDE2-1,qAR,KB8ZGL-10:!4258.07NL08540.29W#PHG6460/W2,WX, GRR
K8SN-2>BEACON,qAo,KD8CAO-5:;442.175+MI111111z4258.14N/08539.91WrT103.5 Dtwn
Grand Rapids

Better for that old Kantronics KPC-3 v8.2 TNC as a needed _full_ digi ("S
overlay" on the digi star map symbol) would be:

BText    ;442.175MI*111111z4258.14N/08539.91Wr T103 Dntwn Grand Rapids
Beacon   EVERY 10
BLT 1    Every 00:30:00 START 00:00:00
BLT 2    Every 00:30:00 START 00:10:00
BLT 3    Every 01:00:00 START 00:20:00
BLT 4    Every 01:00:00 START 00:50:00
CHeck    30
DWait    0
HID      OFF
LT 1     !4258.07NS08540.29W#PHG6360 W2,MIn Grand Rapids A=000625
LT 2     !4258.07NS08540.29W#PHG6360 W2,MIn Grand Rapids A=000625
LT 3     !4258.07NS08540.29W#PHG6360 W2,MIn Grand Rapids A=000625
LT 4     !4258.07NS08540.29W#PHG6360 W2,MIn Grand Rapids A=000625
LTP 1    APN382
LTP 2    APN382
LTP 3    APN382 VIA MI1-1
LTP 4    APN382 VIA WIDE2-2
Monitor  OFF
MYcall   K8SN-2
MYAlias  GRR
MYRemote K8SN-12
NEwmode  ON
RText    Your SecRet PhrAse Here
TXDelay  30
Unproto  APN382
UIdigi   ON WIDE1-1,WIDE4-4,WIDE3-3,WIDE3-2    ;WIDE1-1 must be specified
here with KPC-3v8.2, not later
UIFlood  MI,30,ID
UITrace  WIDE,30

73, Cap KE6AFE

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> We upgraded the major Grand Rapids, MI digi this week to an "L"
> digi.  We also added local repeater initiative stuff, but it is
> not showing up here as Bob's webpage says it should

Here is the raw data as seen on Findu:
;442.175+MI111111z4258.14N/08539.91WrT103.5 Dtwn Grand Rapids

So what did we miss?  Is it supposed to have a star after MI maybe?

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