[aprssig] Thank You Mr. Bob Bruninga!!!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Nov 4 15:28:06 EST 2007

> Thank You for helping me program my Kenwood 
> TH-D7AG . Now I hope I can get in contact 
> with the ISS..

Good luck.  It usually is not working right.  Try PCSAT-1 which is working well now (for the next week or so)...

> When I observe the GPS screen I see other 
> call signs but my call sign does not show 
> up is it suppose too? 

No, your GPS knows where you are and displays you with what evr the GPS uses for its ownself.

> I  have the Path set for 

No.  PATH is taken sequentially.  Only one step at a time.
If useing ISS or PCSAT it is ARISS

If on he ground the use WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1.

Never use WIDE1-1,wide3-3 which is four hops and not appreciated anyhere except maybe in the most remote digi on the planet.

Please google for "fix14439.html" and read about it.

Hope that helps.


 Thank You for All Your Help!!!! 
Philip K0BAN & 73's 

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