[aprssig] What is wrong?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Nov 3 21:52:31 EDT 2007

>it is the beginning of an object.

All APRS packets are defined by their first byte.  The OBJECT begins with a semicolon.

;442.175MI*111111z4258.14N/08539.91WrT103.5 Dtwn 
Grand Rapids
> shows an object named 442.175MI, with an 
> antenna tower symbol (/r) and the comment 
> "T103.5 Dtwn Grand Rapids", so it seems 
> to be a repeater with subtone 103.5 Hz 
> for access.

For what it is worth, the standard for Tone is shortened to only 4 bytes "T103".  Thre is no need to waste two extra bytes for tenths of a Hz, since the tones are all standardized.  We need people to follow this standard so that their objects can be parsed properly.  The proper way to display a tone of say 88 HZ is T088...


Bob, Wb4APR

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