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Fri Mar 30 17:14:29 EDT 2007

Also set your unproto path to APRS VIA WIDE2-1
This will give one hop.
The path part "WIDE2-1" can be changed to an aprs path that is 
consistent with your area. The WIDE2-1 is just an example.

The important part is the APRS part.

On 30 Mar 2007 at 16:32, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> > It is my understanding that APRS is regular packet...
> >  
> > So, is it possible to send a "beacon" in Regular Packet 
> > that contains the info required to display your position 
> > to other stations running APRS?
> Sure!  Any of these formats will work:
> This is what you type in CONV mode:
> !DDMM.hhN/DDDMM.hhW$...
> That is the simplest format.  For the "$" byte, you can enter
> any of about 200 different symbol indicators.  Easiest to
> remember are "-" for a  house, and ">" for a car
> You don't even need to enter that degree of LAT/LONG precision
> if the position is estimated.  Only enter the degree of
> precision you have.  But replace all unused bytes with SPACE
> characters.  That maintains the format and indicates to ALL
> observers that the position is "ambiguous" to the degree for
> which you are transmitting data.  All of the following are
> valid:
> !DDMM.h N/DDDMM.h W$... <== tenth mile ambiguity
> !DDMM.  N/DDDMM.  W$... <== 1 mile ambiguity
> !DDM .  N/DDDM .  W$... <== ten mile ambiguity
> !DD  .  N/DDD  .  W$... <== 60 mile ambiguity
> Oh, and you can put any free text up to I think it is 53 bytes
> where the ...'s are...
> Enjoy!
> Bob, WB4APR
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