[aprssig] Regular packet and APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 30 16:32:18 EDT 2007

> It is my understanding that APRS is regular packet...
> So, is it possible to send a "beacon" in Regular Packet 
> that contains the info required to display your position 
> to other stations running APRS?

Sure!  Any of these formats will work:
This is what you type in CONV mode:


That is the simplest format.  For the "$" byte, you can enter
any of about 200 different symbol indicators.  Easiest to
remember are "-" for a  house, and ">" for a car

You don't even need to enter that degree of LAT/LONG precision
if the position is estimated.  Only enter the degree of
precision you have.  But replace all unused bytes with SPACE
characters.  That maintains the format and indicates to ALL
observers that the position is "ambiguous" to the degree for
which you are transmitting data.  All of the following are

!DDMM.h N/DDDMM.h W$... <== tenth mile ambiguity
!DDMM.  N/DDDMM.  W$... <== 1 mile ambiguity
!DDM .  N/DDDM .  W$... <== ten mile ambiguity
!DD  .  N/DDD  .  W$... <== 60 mile ambiguity

Oh, and you can put any free text up to I think it is 53 bytes
where the ...'s are...


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