[aprssig] SCS Tracker

Jack Chomley radio at dodo.com.au
Tue Mar 27 16:53:07 EDT 2007

The GPS interface is a 3 screw, plug in terminal strip on the rear for data 
Tx/Rx/Ground. I have a Magellan 315GPS on my tracker and the NMEA is set 
toV2.1 GSA at this time. The manual for the tracker does say that there 
could be bi-directional NMEA in a future revision, but right now its only 
NMEA in.....I would not be holding my breath for the updated firmware :-)
I should have mentioned earlier, I use mine on HF, hence the Rx "lock in" 
feature on receive.....if you use the unit on 300 baud HF Packet. It also 
has a "robust packet" mode which is meant to be more reliable for comms, 
but its an SCS proprietary development, no other TNC has it, except their 
other models, the PTC-IIex & PTCPro etc, which I also have here.

At 09:02 AM 3/27/2007 -0500, you wrote:

>How does the GPS connect?

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