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How does the GPS connect?


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> Yes, I have one........works quite well. The TRConfig software for setup 
> is also quite good. The only Packet program I know works with it, is 
> Paxon......which leaves a lot to be desired :-( Why they used a USB 
> interface, I do not know........many other Packet programs could be used 
> IF it had RS232. Its Packet operation has no mailbox etc.
> As a tracker, it has an output to power up your radio, shortly before 
> sending an APRS posit, after its done, it goes back to sleep switching the 
> radio off. Repeats the process for each APRS Posit.
> I asked the makers IF a mailbox would be installed in future firmware 
> revisions.....was told no.
> Cost is high, compared to Tinytrack and others, A$500 or so.  It does 
> generate quite a bit of radiated "noise" on the 10MHz APRS freq, however 
> careful routing of cable and physical placement can eliminate the problem.
> It has NO digipeat function either.
> One feature that is excellent, is it can receive off-frequency APRS 
> packets and is able to "lock on" to them very well......I would suggest 
> the hardware design is very good, however it is let down badly by 
> firmware, USB interface, and possible lack of future good firmware 
> features etc.
> Just my 02 cents worth :-)
> 73s
> Jack VK4JRC
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>>Any comments from users of this tracker would be appreciated.
>>Clay AA3JY
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