[aprssig] Jfindu,Findu,Aprsworld

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Thu Mar 22 16:14:23 EDT 2007

      This is aimed at the APRS servers that are in use to collect the data
from users .
Over recent times  a few  mobile stations have reported that they don't show
up in FINDU .
I am connected to first.aprs.nz:14578 and now also have a port connected to
The strange thing about all this is the station reporting the no show on
FINDU did show up in the other 2 Servers JFINDU and Aprsworld, 
As being heard via this station and showed the station call in the path yet
there was No records on FINDU.
The other strange thing was, a data frequency was used in the Lower North
Island and when the No show on FINDU was reported I checked
APRSWORD / FINDU / JFINDU and my test station was heard before during and
after the no show on FINDU. 
Also while stationary mobile for a couple of hours this station didn't
appear on any map or FINDU .
The mobile concerned did show up on other Server maps but Not FINDU
I have 3 test APRS users that I use as a test references and all these are
on different radio ports and are out side the local coverage area and are up
to 160 ks away and have to use a data digi ( non aprs ) to get to this Igate
 They all show up on all 3 servers.
Has there been a problem in the last 2 months  with FINDU ? 
Has there been a problem within the NZ servers
Do the servers all take the data from 1 collection point 
I have tested my gear here and its all within the requirements and settings
that the TNC manufactures say and in fact the gear here has been tested by
the Airforce on their test gear.
If you can shed some light on this it would be appreciated
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