[aprssig] D7's,D700's and TinyTrak

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Mon Mar 19 18:47:32 EDT 2007

Whooee, you must have thin skin if you found that insulting.

Now a PICAXE 08M could have 3-4 serial ports and that is the little 8  
pin critter. A BS2 has 16 pins and theoretically each of them could  
do serial. If you consider a 'port' to be to be bidirectional, at two  
pins per 'port' that gets you 8 ports on a BS2. If you are rolling in  
bucks you could do a BS2P40 and that has 32 i/o pins and that would  
get you 16 ports.

That said, for anything beyond Wes' original implementation you are  
right that a Stamp won't do the job. However, it doesn't have  
anything to do with the number of ports. A Basic Stamp , even the on- 
steroids BS2PX would have a hernia handling serial i/o on several io  
ports simultaneously.

I went back and reread your explanation and appears to me only to add  
more complexity without ever addressing the original flaw which lies  
in how  the D700 does things ... and before you run off with your  
jockey shorts in a knot (yes that is mildly insulting) what I am  
doing is criticizing what I saw as flaws in your proposal and  
pointing out that it had been done years ago and found lacking. If  
you and your idea cannot stand up to peer review then why should  
anyone take it serious? If indeed you have thought of a better way  
then restate your thesis and show us how it resolves/bypasses the  
underlying D700 problem.

cheers ... 73 de brian  riley,  n1bq , underhill center, vermont
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On Mar 19, 2007, at 12:34 PM, Alex Carver wrote:

> Thanks a lot for that vote of confidence and support.
> Why should anyone bother sharing information when the
> end result is getting kicked with an insult?  Maybe I
> had a better idea than what Wes Jonhston did with a
> Basic Stamp?  I certainly wasn't planning on using a
> Stamp because it doesn't have enough serial ports (I
> need at least three).
> Yes, I do know that the display dumps out from various
> modes back to the home frequency display if it
> receives certain commands via the serial port.  But, I
> had planned around that problem because I've run into
> it on more than one occasion when a laptop was plugged
> into the radio and I was trying to do something on the
> display but the laptop interrupted.
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>> You guys are behind the times ... Wes Johnston did
>> this with a Basic
>> Stamp and the serial line 3-4 years ago. The problem
>> with it is that
>> if TT or OT  decides to 'squawk' when you are in the
>> middle of doing
>> ANYTHING (lists, message input) you lose it and it
>> winds up back at
>> the standard display. This could however work by
>> adding a pushbutton
>> on the Stamp box, the pushing of which says "for the
>> next 90 seconds
>> don't do anything" ... just a thought. By the way
>> instead of a $50
>> BS2, it could be done with a $3.50 PICAXE 08M,
>> there's a 'trick' to
>> getting 9600 baud serial out, but it works and is
>> reliable.
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