[aprssig] APRS Text to speech

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 8 20:59:35 EST 2007

The ANDE and RAFT satellites add APRS Packet-to-VOICE synthesis
by simply connecting a speech module to the serial port of the
TNC and making one addition to convert the HEADER of a packet
into "CALLSIGN SAYS..." and then speaks the rest of the packet.

We all know how hard it is to set up a VOICE repeater out in the
field, compared to how easy it is to set up a DIGIpeater.  AND a
DIGI can go multiple hops.

Imagine plopping down 2 coffee-can digi's on hilltops and then
being able to use APRS to send VOICE to an RF area 3 links away.
Trivial done.

Yes, the applications are small, but it is a nice thing to have
in your tool kit.  Well, the reason we have not pushed this is
that the module we were using cost $199 and hams just wont pay
that much.  But I just found out that PARALLAX sells a complete
module for only $59.


This is much more like it.

Remember, that since 1995, APRS has defined a test-to-speech
protocol.  If any string in any APRS packet begins with a %,
then the client (if it has a voice) is supposed to speak that
part of the packet.

The D700's will SPEAK such packets, (but it has a very very
limited vocabulary, and few people have the speech module.  But
APRSdos had no voice, but would sound out the words in CW.
WinAPRS would speak it. I assume that other clints will also
speak too.

But with the addition of a $59 moudle to any TNC, you can now
have voice in a remote box without having to have a client.

Anyway, we need to think about how we do this.  A pic could do
to old TNC's what the KPC-3+ in ANDE and RAFT do.  That is,
convert the header to speech. Etc...



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